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Brinkhaus The Climasoft Outlast® Mattress Pad

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Brinkhaus The Climasoft Outlast® Mattress Pad Brinkhaus The Climasoft Outlast® Mattress Pad
Brinkhaus The Climasoft Outlast® Mattress Pad Brinkhaus The Climasoft Outlast® Mattress Pad

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90cm X 190cm Single 51749

140cm X 190cm Double 51750

150cm X 200cm King 51751

160cm X 200cm Extra King Size 51752

180cm X 200cm Super King 51753

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Product description

The Climasoft Oultast® Mattress Pad by Brinkhaus

A most fabulous technology, developed for Nasa,  and what a breakthrough this is!!!

Outlast® products actually absorb warmth to stop you from overheating in bed and then release it again to stop you from cooling down too much. Something from science fiction? Well yes, Outlast® was developed for NASA 

Using Outlast® technology, this mattress pad utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimum thermal comfort.

This mattress pad proactively manages heat and moisture to give a better, more comfortable nights sleep.

Cover fabric

100% Long staple Egyptian cotton cambric 192 thread count, with a special Outlast® coated PP-nonwoven interliner under the upper side


Easyfill (100% Polyester hollow fibre)


Quilted, equipped with corner straps.

As well as providing natural heat and moisture control the pad will add additional softness and comfort to an ageing or hard mattress.

Product Sizes and Details

Single mattress pad  90/190cm 340gr fill weight 51749 art no

Double mattress pad 140/190cm 530gr fill weight 59750 art no

King Size mattress pad 150/200cm 600gr fill weight 51751 art no

Extra King mattress pad 160/200cm 640gr fill weight 51752 art no

Super King mattress pad 180/200cm 720gr fill weight 51753 art no

Futher Information about Outlast®

Climasoft Outlast® offers a perfect temperature balance thanks to NASA high tech certified space technology.

Textiles that use this patented Outlast® technology have an additional benefit in that temperature is intelligently, dynamically and proactively regulated. Outlast® technology makes use of Phase Change Material (PCM) which can absorb and store heat then release it again so that optimum moisture and temperature management can be achieved. Outlast® Phase Change Materials are encapsulated, permanently enclosed within a protective polymer case. These encapsulated Phase Change Materials are known as Thermocules™.

The Benefits

Not too warm, not too cold, "just right"

Temperature-regulating Outlast® materials adapt to the skin's microclimate, offering increased comfort with this proactive climate management. When temperature can be regulated, moisture balance can be controlled, leaving you feeling "just right" - all now possible thanks to Outlast®

How it Works

1. Your skin is constantly being influenced from the outside, altering the microclimate.

2. Surplus warmth is produced when you're too hot, normally leading to perspiration and a feeling of being uncomfortable.

3. This is where Outlast® technology helps. The surplus warmth is absorbed and stored by the patented Outlast® microcapsules.

If it gets colder, the stored warmth is released again to reheat your body.

The result is an even microclimate, leaving your skin feeling more comfortable.

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