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Brinkhaus Exquisit Wool Duvet. 5.5 tog

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Brinkhaus Exquisit Wool Duvet. 5.5 tog

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Product description

The Exquisit Wool filled duvet by Brinkhaus

This superb Brinkhaus duvet is made using Pure new wool and is cased in fine Egyptian cotton satin.

Wool protects against heat and cold. Its strong curl makes it possible to retain a large quantity of air. Without this curl, the insulating effect would not be achieved. This guarantees a constant temperature, allowing the body to remain warm and dry whilst sleeping.


5.5 tog (medium)

Square quilting with rim

Approx 350G/M²

Fine satin casing, 100% Egyptian cotton, 218 Thread Count, Medicott treated

Washable up to 40°C

Equipped with Durable, Nickel-free metal press studs, this duvet can be combined with the Mandarin silk, the cashmere silk dual quilt, the Tibet Cashmere quilt, or the Mahdi Camel hair duvet  for added warmth.

Filling Weight

single 135/200cm 950g

double 200/200cm 1400g

king size  230/220cm 1770g

super king size 260/220cm 2000g

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