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Brinkhaus Twin Topper De Luxe OHC

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Brinkhaus Twin Topper De Luxe OHC Brinkhaus Twin Topper De Luxe OHC
Brinkhaus Twin Topper De Luxe OHC Brinkhaus Twin Topper De Luxe OHC

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Product description

The Brinkhaus Twin Topper De Luxe

Exceptional Softness to Sleep on with added support from the bottom layer of feathers and visco sticks.

Imagine the end of a hard day at work or after a long journey, drenched in tiredness and aching to relax. It comes to the time to take the rest, just sink into a cloud cosseted in high quality Premier New White Goose Down, floating, drifting to restful sleep.

A whole new experience in loose cover bedding that goes under the fitted sheet - and trust Brinkhaus to come up with the most luxurious and advanced topper on the market. The Twin Topper deluxe is heavier than the standard twin toppper, and provides more support by its use of 80% visco sticks mixed with feathers in the under layer.

The "Twin Topper Deluxe" comes in two seperate parts, the under layer (20% Pyrenean Duck Feather / 80% regular cut visco sticks) held on the mattress with strong wide band elastic straps and the washable detachable top layer (90% Finest soft New White Hungarian Goose Down / 10% small feather). The whole combination will rest on top of your mattress adding some 8cm of luxurious comfort. The top side is held to the under side with nickel free metal press studs.

Brinkhaus Key Points:

Top Layer Washable: up to 60ÂșC

Casing: 100% Egyptian Cotton, Medicott treated, downproof, 198 thread count (bottom)

100% Egyptian Cotton, Medicott treated, downproof, 236 thread count (top)


Bottom - New White Pyrenean Duck Feathers 20% and Visco Sticks 80%

Top - New White Hungarian Goose Down 90% and Small Goose Feathers 10%

Stitching: Box stitching, equipped with durable nickel free metal press studs.

Bottom: Equipped with elastic corner straps

Available Sizes

single 90/200cm

double 140/200cm

king size 150/200cm

super king size 180/200cm

U.S super king size / metric king 200/200cm

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